Welcome to my website. It's a quick and easy read Thank YOU for taking the time to have a look.  - alexis 


Things have changed with the absence of ads. There are no more "office hours." Instead, I'll be available by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled during reasonable hours (day and early evening) Monday through Saturday. 

Please start here - these are the FAQs :)  

Do you have an age limit?

Please be at least 35 years old and no older than 112.  It's not that I think men younger than 35 aren't mature enough - I prefer meeting with folks closer to my age or older. :)

Do you have a WEIGHT limit?

You can be a big guy and carry a few extra lbs, but please no more than plus 50-ish lbs for your height. I have to consider my ability to be effective and the table limits.

Is that really you in the picture?  Can you tell me a little more about you?

Of course that's me :) I'm about 5'5", caucasian and brunette. I have 36DDs and am in my mid-thirties. What you can't see is that I'm happy, calm, and bring a positive attitude into every day.  

Do you use a massage table or a bed?

I use a professional bodywork table. All supplies are professional grade and purchased from industry suppliers.

Do you work in an office, residence or hotel?

In Rhode Island I'm located in my private space.  It's safe, comfortable and easy to access from I-95 or Route 10.

Are you nude during the appointment?

I’ll be topless. Never nude...I prefer to make you the star of our time together.

What are your working hours? How much notice do you need?

Appointments start as early as 730am or as late as 6pm.  I sometimes close early on beautiful Saturdays :)   Booking in advance is recommended whenever possible. 

Do you accept credit cards?

No, but there are times when I can accept an Amazon gift card instead of cash, Please inquire before our meeting if this option is available.  

Are escort services available?

I’m not an escort and don't do what escorts do. Please don't book an appointment thinking I can be persuaded to do "extras" or engage in escort activity.

Do you see people with skin conditions?

I won’t see any one with skin conditions such as extreme body acne, psoriasis, open wounds or anything which causes excessive skin cell shedding or fluid seepage. 




Based in Rhode Island

There are no "office hours" with the absence of advertisements. All meetings are by appointment only. Monday through Saturday from early morning to early evening, no nights or Sundays.


One hour, $200

Ninety Minutes, $300

Pricing is inclusive, no up charges or hidden fees.  All appointments include:  

Being welcomed into a warm, calm and comfortable environment  

Relaxing on a professional table and fresh linen

Odorless creams that absorbs into your skin - no perfumes or oily residue

Prostate massage, if requested

Shower before and/or after, if requested


Please send the date and time you want to meet and your: 

Name, age, the # you'll be calling me from

** No Google Voice or VOI #'s please